It has been a busy email news day from the CCC, but I wanted to notify you of an important crime update that I just learned about from an Charbonneau ALTA resident. Around three days ago a Charbonneau resident was called on the phone by a female that said they are checking with people on their grocery habits and if they frequent Safeway or Walmart. The resident said neither and that they go to Fred Meyer. The person on the phone said they would put the residents name in a drawing for a free gift card. The resident did not give any personal information.

A day later, a male called the same resident and he knew their names and address and said they won Fred Meyer gift cards in the drawing. He said he would have a person come by the house to deliver the cards and would have a sales pitch, but to just ignore the sales pitch and they would get the free gift cards. They set up a time at 9 am to come over and after they got off the phone, the resident called the police. The police said to lock their doors and not answer the door and they would be enroute. The scammers came before 9 am in a red SUV with California plates pulled up and a very well dressed and “nice looking” male got out of the car and another car pulled up behind him and another male, also very nicely dressed got out. Both males approached the house and the resident waived them off from inside the house. She said they very quickly ran back to their cars and sped off.

When the police arrived they said they were lucky they didn’t open the door as there have been scams going around the area and Charbonneau is a target area. No other information about the scam or their intent is known at this time. Great job by the resident being aware something was not right, not trusting these individuals and getting the police involved.

Thank you,

Jim Meierotto

General Manager

Charbonneau Country Club