Good afternoon, Charbonneau,

We wanted to write quickly, first to wish you all a very happy new year, and also to let you know about a couple of developments at Charbonneau.

As the current pandemic circumstances evolve, there is a higher possibility that scheduled events may change or cancel with very little notice. We will do our best to update our website and information, but we ask that you remain flexible and courteous as we all navigate these last-minute changes together.

With the sheer size of the Omicron surge, the CCC Board decided to practice caution over the next few weeks. Therefore, the following guidelines are now in effect:

While using CCC indoor facilities – regardless of vaccination status – guests must wear a face mask, unless actively eating or drinking. Guests should also maintain at least six (6) feet from individuals outside of their household.

The rule does not apply to:

• Children under 5 years old
• Individuals who are actively eating or drinking
• Individuals delivering a speech or performing
• If you are not vaccinated, for the safety of others, we respectfully request that you do not use this Charbonneau Country Club facility
• Individual group leaders may be checking for proof of vaccination status at their events

CCC Board of Directors