Larry Walker, CCC Board of Directors Communications Committee chair, recently sat down with General Manager Jim Meierotto to discuss challenges in the transition of operations to the new Activity Center, and the solutions developed to meet those challenges. This interview has been edited for brevity.

Larry Walker: A lot has changed in the past few weeks with CCC’s administrative personnel. What’s driving the change, and what are your resident services goals during this time of change?

Jim Meierotto: Let me start with our goal. Our goal is to ensure that all residents and facility users enjoy a successful event or encounter every time they utilize any of our available services and amenities. It’s as simple as that. Regarding personnel, Jennifer Chavez has moved on to pursue school full-time. We wish her very well and are very happy for her. Her leaving did open the opportunity to restructure and reorganize our office workflow. We always contemplated that when we constructed the Activity Center many changes would be needed, but we didn’t know what those changes would be until we occupied the new building. It’s an understatement to say that we’ve encountered a few bumps in the road. We’ve had many unexpected complexities and obstacles to overcome. It’s clear that we’re operating in a completely different environment than we did in the old clubhouse, now the Event Center. Everything we do is more complex; we’ve found that the community is much more active, which is a real positive. It seems community energy is higher and involvement in activities is much greater. Traffic through the building is more significant. Everything takes more time, energy, and planning. All that is good. That’s what we want. We just have to work on new and better ways to manage it.

Walker: As you think about ways to provide better service to Charbonneau residents, what changes can residents expect to see in the coming months?

Meierotto: First off, we’ve changed the structure of our office staffing. Jennifer Waggoner will now be our Administrative Coordinator. She will be responsible for a wide range of office responsibilities including accounts payable and receivable, maintaining homeowner records, records for the RV yard, Tennis Club, Fitness Center, Marina, etc. She’ll also assist me, and the Board of Directors with Board and committee meetings and other tasks as needed. Jeanette Winkler, who has been with us for three months at the front desk, will move into a new position as Activities Coordinator. Her primary responsibility will be to help plan and manage all activities happening at Charbonneau, and ensure that we consistently deliver the activities experience that our residents and guests expect. She’ll manage the activities calendar and assist in a variety of ways with communications engagement and outreach with our residents. In addition, we will soon have a front desk receptionist full-time to ensure that we greet residents with a smile when they walk in the front door, professionally assist them with their needs, and provide great customer service without distraction.

As CCC’s Administrative Coordinator Jennifer Waggoner continues to be responsible for a host of important administrative tasks, including but certainly not limited to overseeing daily workflow, resident interaction, accounting, maintaining a broad range of vital CCC records, and assistance to the General Manager with Board of Directors and committee meetings.
After three months as the smiling and welcoming face behind the front desk at the Activity Center, Jeanette Winkler is now the newly named CCC Activities Coordinator. Jeanette brings great experience and expertise for success in this position, having spent 15 years working for the Mountain Park Homeowners Association. She edited the Association’s monthly newspaper, maintained its website, and coordinated a broad range of Association activities.
Walker: What do you think residents will most appreciate as a result of these changes, and how soon will they see the effects of them?

Meierotto: We’ve already moved fast with all these changes. Jeanette has already made a positive contribution in activities planning and development. Much of what Jennifer was already doing continues to be a part of her ongoing responsibilities, but she has been freed up from some of what she had been doing to enable her to focus more effectively on the most important work. We’re also working to cross train our small staff. It’s become very clear that we work best when we work as a unified, coordinated team. That means each of us needs to know enough about one another’s jobs to be able to fill in and help when needed to ensure that important tasks get done right and on time. I think residents will see some big improvements in overall customer service, activities planning and coordination, information flow and general efficiency of operations. And if not, I want to hear about it.

Walker: How can CCC residents assist you and your team during this transition?

Meierotto: I guess I can sum it up in two words: patience and understanding. We’re going to be in a learning period as our new staff takes on new responsibilities and learns new ways of doing things. Our Charbonneau residents are a group of wonderful, nice, generous people who appreciate what we do, who volunteer their time and their suggestions for ways we can do things better. We appreciate everything they do for us. And we will appreciate them even more as we adapt and grow into a better organization in service to them over the coming weeks.