In November, Charbonneau experienced two separate home break ins. These
occurred in Louvonne and Charbonneau Village Condo’s. While crime is still
low in Charbonneau, we continue to see new brazen crimes and it is a
reminder to stay vigilant and do all you can to protect and deter crime.
Some helpful tips:

  1. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING: If something looks or feels suspicious; it IS suspicious! Report suspicious activity to all of the follow three places:
    • Clackamas County Non-emergency 503-655-8211
    • Your Neighborhood Watch Captain: Keep the name and contact info for your HOA’s NW Captain handy. If your HOA does not have a NW program, encourage your Board to start one!
    • Contact CCC staff @503-694-2300 or They are tracking suspicious activities.
  1. Be Aware: Stay alert to your surroundings, both at home and away. If your car has an alarm that is armed using a key fob, keep the key fob on your night stand or in your pocket when you walk to the mailbox. An alarm sounding is a strong deterrent.
  2. Always Lock Your Home & Car: Including your side garage door. A stick in your sliding glass door is an added protection.
  3. Take Notes of Suspicious Activities: The more information you are able to share, the better suspicious activities can be tracked and reported. See a car that does not seem to belong, or is driving slowly through neighborhoods? Take a picture, and make note of the make, model, color and age and get the license number.

From Wilsonville Police: “Please tell your folks to be very careful and not engage with individuals who may have bad intentions. Taking pictures and having residents install Ring cameras in the front and back of their homes is very beneficial for the police when it comes to solving property crimes.”

If you see a crime in progress, call 911

When in doubt, call 911

Thank you,

Jim Meierotto

General Manager

Charbonneau Country Club