Good afternoon,

Yesterday at around 2:45 pm a resident was robbed on SW Curry Drive. She reported that a black SUV pulled up and a man with facial hair and two women coaxed her to the car window where they grabbed her wrist and gave her fake jewelry while robbing her of her gold jewelry. Today, just before 2pm another resident off SW Boones Bend was robbed in the same manner. Police responded each time, but they had already left Charbonneau.

Each case reported to the CCC office involves a man or woman asking for help or to come over to them, and in a matter of seconds rob their victim while distracting them with words and fake gifts.

If you see these criminals, do not approach them or let them within arm’s length of your personal space. Take pictures or videos on your phone and call 911 immediately to report the incident. They have stolen from Charbonneau residents various times and calling 911 (not non-emergency) while they are on our property helps increase the chance of catching them. When calling 911 be very clear that there are criminals trying to rob you on your property.

Please be aware as their patterns and tactics are very repeatable and predictable. Working together and keeping an eye out for these criminals will help put them in jail faster.

See the attached photo

Jim Meierotto | General Manager

Charbonneau Country Club